3 Ways To Manage Repeated Ingrown Toenails

28 September 2018
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Most people will have an ingrown toenail at some point, but in some cases, the same toenail repeatedly becomes embedded in the surrounding skin. In this case, there are several strategies that can fix the problem permanently. Think About Your Shoes And Foot Care Your shoes and the way you care for your feet can contribute to the same toenail becoming ingrown. Make sure the shoes you wear always fit properly. Read More 

Your Heel Pain Might Be From Bursitis

3 July 2018
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Heel pain makes you feel miserable. If it's severe, you may even find it difficult to walk and do the things you need to do. There are different causes of heel pain, so you may need to see a podiatrist to determine if you have plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, bursitis, or another problem. Knowing the cause of your pain makes it easier to find an effective treatment. If your pain is caused by bursitis, you may need to rest and change the type of shoes you wear. Read More 

3 Reasons Plantar Fasciitis Is Often Overlooked By Sufferers

19 March 2018
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Most people complain about aching feet after a long day of standing, but how do you know when your aching feet are telling you that there is a deeper problem? Unfortunately, plantar fasciitis is one of the most common foot conditions that a lot of sufferers never realize they have because it often gets blamed on something else. The quicker you know that you have plantar fasciitis, the faster you can get the right treatment and find some much-needed relief. Read More 

Foot Pain After Falling On Ice? Here’s What Might Be Wrong

29 December 2017
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It's no secret that winter weather makes it difficult to navigate your surroundings, so it's not uncommon to slip and fall on a patch of ice. You may initially brush off your injury as a minor mishap, but an ice-related fall can do some major damage to your body. Approximately 20% of falls that occur among men and women over the age of 65 result in serious injuries, and falls can create medical issues for people of all ages. Read More 

Helping Your High School Athlete With Ankle Injuries

22 August 2017
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In a recent study of 100 high schools, adolescent athletes suffered sports-related ankle injuries more than any other injuries. The highest rate was experienced by boys' basketball, followed by girls' basketball, and the boys' football. The majority of the injuries diagnosed, over 83 percent, were ligament sprains, and injuries occurred more often during competition rather than practice. Over 53 percent of high school students participate in organized sports, and with growing concerns regarding concussions and the developing brain, football participation is beginning to show a decline in some areas of the country. Read More