Hurt Your Toe While Playing A Sport? Have A Podiatrist Look At It Right Away To Ensure It Heals Properly

8 May 2017
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When playing a full-contact sport, there is always a chance that you could get injured in one way or another. Toe injuries are common in many sports and can happen very quickly. If you think that you may have broken your toe while playing a sport, it is important to go to a podiatrist right away so that he or she can assess how bad the damage is. If the bone was broken, the podiatrist can asses what needs to be done to ensure that the bone heals properly. The guide below walks you through what you can expect when you go to see a podiatrist about a broken toe.

Try to Schedule an Emergency Appointment

The first thing you need to do is schedule an emergency appointment with the podiatrist. This will allow you to get in to see him or her right away. Be sure to explain to the receptionist what happened to you so that the doctor can know what to expect when you come in for your appointment.

Your Toe Will be Examined

The podiatrist will then take a close look at your toe. He or she may have to feel it to see if they can tell that there are any interior issues apparent. The doctor will most likely take an x-ray to evaluate how bad the damage is to your toe. When you get the x-ray, it will not hurt at all because they do not need to manipulate the toe to get the shots they need.

You May Need to Have Surgery on the Toe

After the x-rays are taken, the podiatrist will be able to see the exact placement of the bones in your foot. He or she will be able to let you know if you did in fact break your toe and how bad the break is. A treatment plan will then be established. You may need to have the toe reset through surgery. The doctor will be able to explain what the surgery will entail.

After the surgery, has been done and your toe has had some time to heal, the podiatrist will need to reevaluate your toe again to make sure that it is has healed fully. Once the podiatrist has determined that your toe has fully healed, you should no longer have any issues with it. If you do not go to the podiatrist when you break your toe, it could heal improperly and cause you life-long pain and irritation.

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