Seeing A Podiatrist For The First Time To Ease Joint and Back Pain

16 May 2017
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There are so many people that are suffering from some type of lower body joint pain or even suffering from lower back pain. People will go to great lengths to figure out why they are going through so much pain. New beds, chiropractor visits, doctor visits, and many other methods are used to ease pain. One thing that many people overlook is a trip to the podiatrist. A podiatrist, such as Allied Ankle & Foot Care Centers PC, is a professional that specializes in foot and ankle problems. However, if you are experiencing pain in your lower body joints and your lower back, your problem may be coming from your feet.

Here are a few different things that you can expect to encounter when visiting with a podiatrist. 

Walk This Way

The doctor is most likely going to have you walk for them. This is going to allow them to see a few different things. First they are going to see if you are favoring one side. Often when you are experiencing pain, it is because you are overworking a part of the body. For example, if you have a hurt left foot you may favor the right foot, and then all of the sudden everything that is making up for the hurt foot (e.g. lower back muscles) is also hurt from fatigue since you are off balance. The doctor is going to ask you to walk so they can get a look at your gait. This is going to tell the podiatrist a lot of information.

Measure Your Feet

You can expect the doctor to take some time and look at each of your feet in great detail. The doctor is going to look for anything out of the ordinary and make sure that the tendons that help your feet operate are in good condition. They are also going to make sure that each of your legs is the same length so they can correct anything that is off. You may find that after the doctor inspects your feet that you are prescribed a specific insole to give you more or less support. This is to protect your tendons and spare your feet from further pain.

A Time For Questions

You should most definitely be prepared to answer a lot of questions regarding your medical history. A podiatrist is going to ask you what type of medications you are on and what type of symptoms you have been having in your feet or surrounding areas. Do not be surprised when the doctor takes the first part of your appointment to get to know you and your medical history.