3 Reasons Plantar Fasciitis Is Often Overlooked By Sufferers

19 March 2018
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Most people complain about aching feet after a long day of standing, but how do you know when your aching feet are telling you that there is a deeper problem? Unfortunately, plantar fasciitis is one of the most common foot conditions that a lot of sufferers never realize they have because it often gets blamed on something else. The quicker you know that you have plantar fasciitis, the faster you can get the right treatment and find some much-needed relief. Here's a look at some of the reasons plantar fasciitis often gets overlooked by the people who have this foot condition. 

1. The problem gets blamed on bad shoes.

It is true that bad shoes can contribute to problems with plantar fasciitis, and can even exacerbate the pain, but a lot of times, people just assume that the trouble they are having is simply because they are not wearing the right kind of shoes. Therefore, they never have the issue checked out by a podiatrist. If you have switched shoes several times in an effort and are still having pain, it could be far more than just the shoes. If the inflammation gets bad enough, it won't matter what kind of shoes you wear for support, you will still have a lot of pain, and it can contribute to other problems. 

2. The problem gets blamed on being overweight. 

When you are overweight, it can definitely put a lot of pressure on your feet, and it can create more problems with plantar fasciitis for sure. However, assuming that losing weight will fix the situation is not a good plan of action. Even if you do shed some pounds, the tendons in your feet can still be inflamed, which means you will still be dealing with pain. 

3. The problem gets blamed on concrete floors. 

If you work at a place where you are standing all day long on concrete floors, it is widely known that this can be hard on your feet, especially for some people. While standing on such a dense surface all day is bound to cause you some foot pain, it should not cause pain that is so severe you can hardly stand to walk on your feet. A common trait of plantar fasciitis is waking in the morning to excruciating foot pain, which you could easily attribute to what you did the day before, but this kind of pain should always be checked by a doctor.

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