Helping Your High School Athlete With Ankle Injuries

22 August 2017
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In a recent study of 100 high schools, adolescent athletes suffered sports-related ankle injuries more than any other injuries. The highest rate was experienced by boys' basketball, followed by girls' basketball, and the boys' football. The majority of the injuries diagnosed, over 83 percent, were ligament sprains, and injuries occurred more often during competition rather than practice. Over 53 percent of high school students participate in organized sports, and with growing concerns regarding concussions and the developing brain, football participation is beginning to show a decline in some areas of the country. Read More 

Protect Your Base By Staying Engaged - Questions To Ask On Your First Podiatry Visit

9 July 2017
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Many people are able to accommodate various minor injures to assorted parts of their bodies with minimal stress. When it comes to your feet and ankles, however, that may be a nearly impossible task. Weakness or pain on one side can cause you to try to compensate with the other and leave you struggling to stay stable. Rather than allowing yourself to continue to be limited, taking the time to seek out treatment from a podiatrist is a great way to get your health back. Read More 

Five Reasons To Consider Laser Treatment For Fungal Nails

13 June 2017
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If you have a problem with fungal nails, it can be quite distressing. Not only is it difficult to cover up, but it is also problematic with the health of your nails. There are a couple of ways to treat the issue, one of which includes laser nail treatment. Here are five reasons to consider laser treatment over the others: Doesn't Potentially Cause Problems With the Liver: When you take anti-fungal pills, it can potentially cause problems with your liver since the pills must pass through your liver. Read More 

Seeing A Podiatrist For The First Time To Ease Joint and Back Pain

16 May 2017
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There are so many people that are suffering from some type of lower body joint pain or even suffering from lower back pain. People will go to great lengths to figure out why they are going through so much pain. New beds, chiropractor visits, doctor visits, and many other methods are used to ease pain. One thing that many people overlook is a trip to the podiatrist. A podiatrist, such as Allied Ankle & Foot Care Centers PC, is a professional that specializes in foot and ankle problems. Read More 

Hurt Your Toe While Playing A Sport? Have A Podiatrist Look At It Right Away To Ensure It Heals Properly

8 May 2017
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When playing a full-contact sport, there is always a chance that you could get injured in one way or another. Toe injuries are common in many sports and can happen very quickly. If you think that you may have broken your toe while playing a sport, it is important to go to a podiatrist right away so that he or she can assess how bad the damage is. If the bone was broken, the podiatrist can asses what needs to be done to ensure that the bone heals properly. Read More